The complete on-line presence

To our firm, the main goal of any marketing is to drive a potential customer to do as a result of a call to action. Social Media is a platform for real-time engagement, and is a great tool to not only provide information, but to present these call to actions. What happens after that though? Where do they get more information? Most will be called to action, but need more information to get to the desired result? This is where a website comes into play. Your social media initiatives are used for engagement and interaction, relationship cultivation, but the majority of your brand’s information is presented on your main hub, your website.

Therefore, the two must play off one another; real-time engagement from social media, the “voice” of your brand, and the “meat” of who you are presented on your website.

Having one without the other is detrimental to relaying all facets of your brand to your customer. A functional, information website without the added real-time personality of social is just that. An informational website; it may increase business by just existing, but what does it really say about you as a business? Customers are more willing to spend money with those things that they trust, and a website does not build trust. Real conversation does.  That is where social comes in. Having these conversations, engaging customers in real time exchanges, without the ability to garner more information from a centralized website though, can be just as bad for ROI. You’ve garnered trust from potential customers, and they are interested; but if they can’t easily access more information, more specific information to be exact, what then? Did you just lose a sale because you didn’t put the information out there?

Spending money to make money is a great thing, but just as in traditional advertising, you have to make sure you cover all your bases. Doing something halfway is just as bad as not doing it at all; if you are going to have an on-line presence, which is necessary at this juncture to be successful in the market, have an all encompassing presence, all or nothing. So ask yourself, does your brand currently offer a total package experience? If not, it’s time you got one.

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