How can Social benefit our brand?

What can social do for me?Time and time again, we are presented the question how can Social Media help my business? At the end of the day, a business is looking for increased revenue to help them succeed. They lay the framework for a great product, customer service, and empower their employees to carry this message out to their customers. It is these things that Social Media can convey to your customers in a real time manner; what once could only be done with face-to-face interaction, marketing campaigns, direct mail, e-mail etc., can now be done in an “immediate gratification” approach.

 So what does that all mean? Here are some more specifics of what Social Media can bring to the table: Continue reading

The complete on-line presence

To our firm, the main goal of any marketing is to drive a potential customer to do as a result of a call to action. Social Media is a platform for real-time engagement, and is a great tool to not only provide information, but to present these call to actions. What happens after that though? Where do they get more information? Most will be called to action, but need more information to get to the desired result? This is where a website comes into play. Your social media initiatives are used for engagement and interaction, relationship cultivation, but the majority of your brand’s information is presented on your main hub, your website.

Therefore, the two must play off one another; real-time engagement from social media, the “voice” of your brand, and the “meat” of who you are presented on your website. Continue reading

Save your brand, keep the humanity.

The Human Brain is a machine, not a computer

When we think social media, a connected, online interaction immediately ensues. Whether it is from your desktop, your laptop, your smartphone, or your net connected sunglasses, it is a machine allowing us to connect socially. Continue reading

What is social?

Social is a lot of things; an interconnected hub of mass communication, a means to update your friends on school progress, an internet TV service, and your megaphone to shout to the world. In this video we try to convey that message; it isn’t about the statistics, and it isn’t about which networks are used; the statement is clear: social is here to stay, and your brand should be worried about when and how you will get there.


What can EID do for you?

What can social branding do for you?

EID acts as a megaphone for relaying your brand’s message to your customers

Are you getting your message out to your core clientele as you need to be? Do your customers know who you are, what you are, and actively engage with your company? No. Have you asked yourself why that is? You may have clear picture of who and what your concept is, but that isn’t enough. You have to get the word out there. That’s where we come in. Emerald Isle Designs acts as a megaphone for your brand; we shout from the rooftops to your customers who you are and how you can make their lives better.

In this day and age, it isn’t enough to try and reach potential customers through tired and old outlets; 60% of your demographic is going to use a social network at least once today; out of those 60%, 30% may pick up a newspaper, 45% will listen to the radio, and 50% will watch an hour of television. We don’t know about you, but we would rather potentially reach all 60% on any given day rather than leaving it up to chance if our ad in the newspaper gets noticed. Take a look around and see what EID can offer you and your brand; we promise you won’t be disappointed